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Taurus® G3XL

Taurus® G3XL

Introducing the Taurus® G3XL—an all-new hybrid 9mm configuration painstakingly engineered to reach new heights in personal defense. Its full-size slide and 4-inch barrel contribute to longer sight radius, higher velocity and improved accuracy. While its compact, carry friendly grip aids in overall firearm concealment and comfort. The G3XL is purpose built without a manual safety to ensure a quick draw and fire under duress. A refined 6-pound trigger provides a crisp, clean break and short reset for quick, controlled follow-up shots.
g3xl_logo Taurus® G3XL


  • Caliber:

    9mm Luger
  • Capacity:

    12- or 10-round
  • Slide Finish:

    Tenifer Matte Black
  • Operational Controls Finish:

  • Frame Size:

  • Frame Material:

  • Firing System:

  • Action Type:

    Single Action with Restrike Capability
  • Front Sights:

    Fixed Front (white dot)
  • Rear Sights:

    Drift Adjustable Serrated
  • Safety:

    Trigger Safety
    Striker Block
    Visual Loaded Chamber Indicator
  • Slide Material:

    Alloy Steel
  • Barrel Length:

    4 in.
  • Overall Length:

    7.28 in.
  • Overall Width:

    1.2 in.
  • Overall Height:

    5.1 in.
  • Weight:

    24.4 oz.
  • Magazines Included:

    2x10 or 2x12